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Jeanne Teleia, Licensed MFT, CSAC
Inspirational Retreats with Wild Dolphins and Whales &
Holistic Coaching and Counseling for Individuals, Parents and Families
Jeanne Teleia, LMFT, CSAC 


Holistic Coaching and Counseling for: 

Life Skills Development
Professional Goal Achievement
Holistic Wellness and Health
Eating Disorders and Addictions
Stress Management + Anger Management
Family Violence 
Childhood Adjustment & Parenting Challenges
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders 
 Child Abuse & Neglect-Past and Present
Parenting Education & Support
Family Therapy Interventions
Play Therapy & Therapeutic Play

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  • Dolphin Assisted Therapy
  • Life Without Sweets Is Not Worth Living, BUT It Shouldn't Kill You!
  • Powerful Parenting
  • Developing Youth Assets
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Child Friendly Divorce/Collaborative Divorce
  • The Power of Tapping
  • Finding Your Best Self (for adolescents and/or girls)
  • Mindfulness and Stress Reduction for the Rest of Us (non-meditators)
  • The Importance of Play for Children and Adults
  • Group and Family Play Therapy​

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