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Jeanne Teleia, Licensed MFT, CSAC
Inspirational Retreats with Wild Dolphins and Whales and 
Life, Family and Wellness Coaching for Individuals, Parents and Families
Jeanne Teleia, LMFT, CSAC 


Holistic Coaching and Counseling for: 

Life Skills Development
Professional Goal Achievement
Holistic Wellness and Health
Eating Disorders and Addictions
Stress Management + Anger Management
Family Violence 
Childhood Adjustment & Parenting Challenges
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders 
 Child Abuse & Neglect-Past and Present
Parenting Education & Support
Family Therapy Interventions
Play Therapy & Therapeutic Play

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COACHING OR THERAPY?  Which is right for me?

Enhance your life
through effective coaching & therapy

Focus is on the present and the future—to create what you want. There are not significant behavioral or emotional challenges but healing and transformation do occur.

Coaching uses a process of inquiry or asking questions to elicit the client’s own brilliance.

The coach is seen as an equal, a partner who will support your growth.  

Coaching clients often know where they want to go; coaches help them clarify their goals and see their way more clearly. Coaches hold their clients accountable for their progress.

Can be done from anywhere—via phone, internet, or in person. Clients and coaches don’t even need to live in the same country or state.

Not covered by insurance because there is no diagnosable emotional or mental condition. Coaching is not regulated or licensed by federal or state governments.

Many people are happy to tell others they have a coach vs. a therapist.

All people can benefit from coaching at any time in the life to help them discover where they are going in order to achieve their goals, dreams and vision.


Focus is often on the past, as well as the present difficulties to help discover what is holding the client back. The client or their loved ones are having significant challenges with emotions and behavior.

The therapist provides advice, education, emotional support and feedback and is often seen as having expertise that the client is seeking.  

Therapy works on fixing or eliminating a problem, with a focus on healing. I also hold my clients accountable for their healing and growth.  

Usually done in person or online. Clients and therapists generally live in the same state where the therapist is licensed.  Counseling/Psychoeducation and Coaching can be done worldwide.

Usually covered by insurance due to a diagnosable emotional, behavioral or mental condition (from very minor to major). Includes strong, legal, privacy protections and is regulated by legal and ethical guidelines nationally and in the state where the therapist is licensed.

Most people can benefit from therapy at some point in their lives to understand how they got to where they are now.

If you want to know more about how coaching works, please contact me now  at jteleia@gmail.com and we can figure out together what would work best for you.  

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Day, evening and weekend appointments are available for private pay clients or those in different times zones!