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Cetacean Inspiration Wellness & Healing Retreat
Bimini Island, Bahamas: September 11-17, 2022!!
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“Profoundly humbling experiences are good for our souls.” 

David Neiwert, Of Orcas and Men

“It truly was a life changing experience.” Lisa O.
“For me the sun on my face will always be a blessing, the sound of running water a comforting hymn, the voice of the wind a benediction, and the blue sky an aspiration.” Beth Pratt
"Nature has been for me, for as long as I can remember, a source of solace, inspiration, adventure and delight; a home, a teacher, a companion."    Lorraine Anderson
What YOU Get Out of It?

F.U.N. is the vital essence that many of us need to re-claim, along with our JOY and EASE.  

​​Do you need a break?
​Come for your own Rest, Renewal, and even Reawakening to 
your true F.U.N. essence. 
You will be improving, heightening, and inspiring your motivation, your ease, and the fullness of your heart’s desire.

When your mind, body and spirit are brimming with joy and in alignment, your goals, needs, and challenges can be met with more EASE. Let nature and the power of connecting with wild Cetaceans fill you, connect you back to your best self, if even for the first time.  

Nothing brings us into alignment with our true essence faster than peak experiences in nature—connecting with something larger than ourselves (literally), with majesty, magnificence and an awe-inspiring story.

This retreat is also a perfect opportunity for improving family bonding and connection through fun, joy and mutual support and help. I have seen families transform how they interact and feel about each other during and after nature based experiential retreats. It’s a great way to kick start a new family dynamic!

Group coaching/inspirational sessions and a personal/individual coaching session is included in the cost of the retreat, including follow up by email after we depart!
My favorite Bimini Dolphin

I am Jeanne Teleia, a Licensed Psychotherapist, Adult, Child, Family and Play Therapist (yes it’s a REAL, professional certification, yay!)

Holistic Wellness, Life and Family Coach
  Writer, Author and Educator
    Cetacean (Whales and Dolphins) Naturalist,          Guide and Geek 
         Part-time Mermaid
            and perhaps most importantly, 
Seeker of F.U.N. and ‘Happiness Locator’ for others.

    "I went with Jeanne on a wild dolphin encounter and as I swam with the dolphins for only a few minutes I could hear their clicks, whistles and chirps. I felt it throughout my body and immediately noticed the hard knot of anxiety that was often present in my chest just dissolve. Joy came in then and took up the space that was supposed to live there!"  Desiree A.
                            “It truly was a life changing experience.” Lisa O.
      “I’ve been on many retreats and this was right up there as one of the best. Of course, it was up to me to do the work, but Jeanne sent out great introspection questions and kept gently reminding us to do the work. I’d go someplace again with her.” Diane S.

This is the magic. Sometimes it’s more subtle and it will show up later, or in dreams, or in your approach to life anew, but it’s undeniable.  I'll be there for you before, during and after to process your experiences so you can best integrate them into your daily life.

Having also worked in wild dolphin assisted therapy and seen profound changes in people with physical and emotional challenges and their families (I had to see it to believe it first!), I know there is something special about connecting with dolphins and whales in a meaningful way, in the wild.  It changes you profoundly. 
The spotted dolphins of Bimini are well known to us and come and play often.  It is their choice to play or interact, or not.  We respect them as equals with free will. 
The photo below was when I was 'photobombed' by my dolphin buddy last time I was in Bimini.  Free will can mean all kinds of FUN! 
Dolphin Photobomber
Your 2022 Adventure starts NOW!  

What's Included and a typical day:

  • Base trip cost: $2195* with a $200 discount and more for the 1st 10 adult registrants!  Hurry, limited spots left!
  • coaching and/or counseling session before or after the retreat to help you clarify and implement a healing or wellness goal.  I will also be available to help you process anything that comes up during our magical encounters with the dolphins (and the humans). Magical doesn't always mean without challenges but those are the richest moments of personal growth, including being afraid of being in deep water with wild animals. It is a moment of transformation just to get in the water! 
  • Two free Reiki classes in April 2022 and two free animal communication classes in August 2022!
  • Play Activities and Rituals around the Full and waning moon. We will use this inspiration throughout the week. (Participation in any retreat activity always up to you.) 
  • All accommodations (Sunday night in Ft. Lauderdale and 5 nights on the island based on double occupancy). 
  • Boat trips (5 afternoons out, weather permitting) on a very stable catamaran. 
  • Most meals (but see what’s not included) mostly organic, healthy meals, and can cater for most dietary needs. 
  • Group meditation and/or yoga will be offered each day. 
  • Shuttle transfers from the hotel to the airport on the Monday morning.
  • Airport transfers on the island upon arrival on Monday and upon departure on Saturday, when travelling with the group. 
  • Complimentary use of kayaks and bicycles
  • Wifi connection, where available. 
  • Coffee and teas, regular and non-dairy ­milk, honey, filtered drinking water and iced herbal tea.
  • Plenty of time to look for shells, stroll the beach, relax, rejuvenate and rekindle yourself! 
  • Friendships you'll never forget and a relationship with yourself and/or others that might surprise you.  
           *Per person, Double occupancy. Limited availability of single rooms for extra                    cost.

What’s NOT Included:

  • Travel costs to and from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (many easy, direct connections) and travel costs to/from Bimini on a small private plane (approx. $385 USD).
  • Crew Gratuities 10-15% of the retreat cost--this amounts to between approximately $250-$300 USD.
  • Single room and ocean view room upgrade.
  • Sunday night dinner in Ft. Lauderdale and one group dinner out on Bimini.
  • All individual body work sessions (optional). 
  • Rental of snorkel equipment is $25 USD for the set or $10 USD for fins only. 
  • Retreat photos when available $70 USD.
  • Bahamas Departure Tax and Bahamas Airport Tax totals about $40 USD . Subject to change.
  • Travel Insurance--highly recommended because once you are registered, the retreat center has a no refund policy for any reason.


Nothing is too small to ask! Let me know! Make your plans!  Payments are made online via Zelle to Pattie Carney or by check, also to Pattie so contact us before sending payments.
I plan and organize these retreats sometimes more than a year in advance and only add a small fee to off-set SOME of my own costs. This retreat is being offered at an INTRODUCTORY COST. 

BONUS:  For the first 10 people who sign up, there is a $200 discount and a payment plan.  For those who get this bonus you can pay in 3-4 installments depending on how soon you register.

The classes are available to all those registered before the class dates start so contact me today to secure your spots!   
                        You are READY! 
                                    Let's go Play, Transform and have 
                            our F.U.N.

                            Email me at jteleia@gmail.com
Call me at 970-462-7098 in the USA 
or in Europe/France or WhatsApp +33 (0)749 33 44 07
                                Dolphins remind us how to play, as                                 kids do. As we humans get older, we                                 tend to take ourselves very seriously                                 and forget how healthy it is to play. How to be in the moment. Innocent.

‘Children’ up to 90 years old (and older) come visit us in Bimini, becoming part of our beautiful Dolphin Dreams ‘human pod’! Connection has no age limits.

Children two years and older are welcome on this retreat program.

If you’d like to bring a child under two, please contact me first.

2-11 years > $400 discount
12-17 years > $200 discount.

Light, airy and spacious, with its own bay-­side terrace and mooring, our retreat center is the perfect spot to relax and chill out after a day on the ocean.

The dining room and beautiful meditation/yoga studio are in the main house. The rooms, just a few steps from the water, are clean, modern and very generous. Previous guests describe them as ‘comfortably functional, rather than luxurious’, suited to the laid back vibe that characterizes our site.

All rooms are non-­smoking, with air-­conditioning, a small fridge and most have a private bath. Rooms have double or single beds.

The sunrise over the bay is spectacular, a joy to behold from the terrace and bay-­side bedrooms. Treat yourself to a bay-­side room upgrade. Numbers are limited so book early!

The price of your package per person is based on double occupancy of each room, i.e., sharing a room with a partner, friend or other like-hearted participant. If you prefer not to share, we can upgrade you to a private single room for an additional fee.
What about the FOOD?!
A buffet of eggs, French toast, freshly 
prepared waffles, granola, cereal, fruit, 
breads & spreads, orange juice, teas and 

Picnic lunch.
Pack your own to take on the boat from a choice of salads and sandwiches.

A vegetarian option and either a fish or chicken entrée and dessert.

Dinner Out.
We dine out one night of the week at an authentic local restaurant to enjoy Caribbean food, culture and island music (Not included in your package).

Most of the food is imported from the USA. Shopping for groceries on Bimini is very limited. There’s nothing grown on the island. If you need your own favorite snack or dietary supplement, please bring it with you.
Access, Ability, Agility and Other Stuff

The retreat participants need to be able to climb up and down a few steps, in and out of a small plane, walk on sand, step in and out of a water taxi and on and off boats, including climbing in the boat up the steps from the water in order to fully participate in most of the retreat offerings. 
If you have physical restrictions, please let us know and we can see what can be accommodated.

Baggage 40lbs/18kg limit, including carry on. Over-weight bags may be charged extra. Please report your own body weight accurately when making your reservation.

All visitors, including US and Canadian citizens, must show a valid passport to enter The Bahamas.
Check if you also need a visa to enter the USA!
Check out my other offerings by clicking a link below!
'If not now, When?  If not you, Who?'
That 'someday' is TODAY.
Dolphin encounters cannot be guaranteed, nor can weather but it is more than likely you will have a meaningful encounter, both with dolphins and humans that can change or enhance your life!
REGISTER NOW  to make sure you get your spaces!!  
Call or email for registration information!
970-462-7098 in the USA 
or in Europe/France or WhatsApp +33 (0)749 33 44 07
Register NOW to secure your spaces!  Click HERE to register now or scroll down for all the information you need!
photo credit: Atmoji at WildQuest
Photo credit Atmoji at WildQuest
Why We’re Doing This

We all need to have more of our F.U.N.!!  F.U.N. is a Fundamental Universal Need.  Dolphins are master F.U.N. facilitators.  Many people report experiences of bliss, ecstatic joy, easing of pain and suffering-physical, emotional and spiritual, an opening of their heart and an awakened consciousness.

Every single human culture and even throughout the animal kingdom, PLAY and FUN are REQUIREMENTS of life. To develop our brain, to grow, to learn, to survive through the worst moments, we must play. 

Without our F.U.N., we are not living fully and cannot contribute as abundantly to our world, the ones we love and to our own highest good.

Experiences in the glories of nature are the fastest route back to our essence—our F.U.N. and to heal what has come before. These experiences become embedded in our cells (literally) and then can be called upon afterwards to bolster us through the storms of life.  

This retreat is also planned during the time of the FULL MOON.  Peoples all around the world consider the Full Moon a powerful time to connect with what we want to bring into manifestation and during the waning moon on the retreat will be a good time to consider what you need to let go of to live your life more fully.

Do you need to manifest a fresh start, embark on life transitions, and/or want to have a nurturing, loving and healing experience?   
Through ritual and magical time with the dolphins, this is your opportunity to Rest, Recharge and Renew!  

A Typical Bimini Dolphin Retreat Day

Over the bay, reflecting pink and blue clouds above.
A gift for your body.
A natural, healthy, wholesome buffet.
To Be Determined!
Pack your own to take on the boat.
Our dolphin boat motors through the bay and turns north, out into open seas. Oh, the joy when we spot those fins somewhere in 40 square miles of turquoise blue depths.
Sometimes the dolphins swim along the bow of the boat. Sometimes they stop long enough for us all to slide in and join them. Sometimes they stay a while, checking us out, diving down, coming up to meet us so, so close.
Sailing back as the sun sets, stopping off for a swim, maybe dancing on the boat all the way home or sitting silently grateful. Hopefully not sunburnt if you take care.
Plenty of hot water.
A hot, delicious daily special. We eat out at a local restaurant one day of the week.
Before bedtime, sunset then a playful or healing ritual.

You may choose to participate as an opportunity for you to deepen your growth and work on manifestation during this fascinating time of the full and waning moon.


Pattie is a Reiki master and Animal Communicator and she has agreed to share her remarkable skills and loving, compassionate energy on this retreat! 

 How FUN it would be to tune into the dolphins and be able to ask them what it's like to be a dolphin or receive other gifts and messages from our time with them, in or out of the water and ever after?  If you've ever been the least bit curious about your own ability to heal yourself and communicate with animals, Pattie is your guide!  
Who Are We?
My fabulous partner on this next retreat is Pattie Carney! Pattie and I both had the plan of doing the next retreat on Joy and Play!  

That's us in Bimini 2021!